Wreath Exposure: Can I place my wreath outdoors? 

Due to recent extreme weather conditions, DMV Wreaths has changed its weather exposure policy to indoor use for our one-of-a-kind wreaths. We recommend that you place your wreath on interior front, kitchen, or bedroom doors, china cabinets, mantels, and fireplaces to name a few interior locations. We recognize that some of our clients purchase our wreaths for special events and are not concerned about the elements of the wreath fading due to weather exposure. In those instances, feel free to hang your designer wreath on a covered exterior front door on the day of your special occasion!

Wreath Measurements: Will my wreath fit my door?

Our wreaths are measured from tip to tip, which includes the tip of our wire loop to the bottom of the hanging greenery and the width of the greenery and bows that extends beyond the wreath base. Remember to consider the point from which you plan to hang your wreath, and get ready to make a statement with your new showstopper wreath!

Wreath Handling: How do I unpack and style my wreath?

Carefully untwist the wire or cut the plastic ties securing your wreath to the inside of the shipping box. Fluff your bows and ribbon tails, and you are ready to hang your wreath!

Wreath Storage: How do I store my wreath?

As wreath designers, we store our own wreaths on hangers and nails in our basements and attics. Cover your wreath with a plastic bag like a dry cleaner, and it is ready to be tucked away for the season!

Colors: How do I match my ribbons and wreaths to my color scheme?

Additional images of our wreaths and ribbons are available on our DMV Wreaths Instagram account. However, because we recognize that it can be difficult to match colors using images on the internet, we are available at order@dmvwreaths.com to answers any questions you may have. For custom orders over $1,200, we will work closely with the client by using color swatches. Again, contact us if you have any questions about color, we are here to help! 

Additional Questions? Feel free to email order@dmvwreaths.com. We are waiting to hear from you!